COVID-19 Response & Resources

Holland McGill Law is dedicated to helping our current and future clients during these difficult times. We have the capability to immediately schedule video or phone conferences with any of our skilled family law attorneys. We are here for you!

We can still serve new clients with their family law needs. Many of the courts are considering video conferencing technology to hold hearings in the event the "Shelter In Place" orders last more than a few weeks.  Mediation and arbitration may also be useful tools at this time for temporary orders or final orders.

Many people have questions about how the "Shelter In Place" orders in North Texas affect their custody orders. The Supreme Court of Texas has weighed in on several issues relating directly to family law issues. Basically, you need to keep following your orders just as you would have prior to COVID-19. The various links listed below have helpful information.

TX Supreme Court 2nd Emergency Order

TX Supreme Court 7th Emergency Order  

Tarrant County COVID-19 Information

Dallas County COVID-19 Information

Denton County COVID-19 Closures and Operational Changes

Our courts will still schedule hearings for “essential proceedings” which include requests for extraordinary relief for the protection of children, protective orders, and most CPS related hearings. If you have questions about whether your case is considered essential, we are available to answer your questions.

We can help clients probate the estates of loved ones who have died. The probate courts are following much of the same protocols as the family law courts. We are also available to prepare wills and powers of attorney. 

Remember we can help! All you need to do is contact us.

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