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Filing for Divorce in Texas

Texas allows spouses to file for a "no-fault" divorce. This means both spouses recognize that their relationship has gotten to the point where it can no longer be fixed. 

Texas also allows for a fault divorce, meaning one spouse was the main reason breakdown of the marriage. Fault divorce grounds include adultery, abuse, or abandonment. 

Fault divorce does not require a separate procedure; the "fault" most likely will come into play when the property is being divided.

The Steps of Filing for Divorce in Texas

  • Before filing for divorce, one of the spouses must have continuously lived in Texas for at least 6 months and continuously lived in the county where the divorce is being filed for at least 90 days. 
  • The next step in the divorce process is for the other spouse to file an "answer" and either acknowledge or take issue with the original divorce claim. 
    • The "answer" must typically be filed within 20 business days of the initial filing. 
    • During this time period, however, the court may issue temporary orders for child custody and support for spouses and children.
  • The next phase is a discussion and discovery period for the spouses to agree on property division, confirmation of separate property, and provisions relating to any children. 
    • If this cannot be done, the spouses will likely go to mediation either by agreement or by court order. 

Who Has to Leave the House in a Divorce in Texas?

In Texas, neither spouse can force the other to leave the marital home without a court order unless there is a domestic violence component. The spouses must decide together what to do with the house, such as selling or keeping it. 

Divorce Mediation in Texas

The goal of divorce mediation is to attempt to resolve these issues before the matter must go to a trial in Bedford, TX. Cases that settle at mediation can save both spouses thousands of dollars by avoiding a final trial.

If mediation fails, and the spouses are unable to come to an agreement, the divorce will then move onward to an evidence and argument-based trial. Having an experienced Bedford attorney at this stage is crucial, as court hearings demand knowledge of court-specific rules of argument, evidence, and conduct.

Our experienced Bedford family law attorneys will be able to provide the necessary legal knowledge, insight, and guidance for spouses going through a divorce.

Additional Issues Pertaining to Divorce in Bedford, Texas

Any individual who has personally experienced divorce or knows someone who has knows that the dissolution of a marriage is never as simple as just ending the marriage. There is much more to divorce than what the spouses themselves even consider. A family law attorney knows the always evolving law, the pertinent case law, and has the experience to target issues and deal with them appropriately. Our experienced lawyers are the key to protecting your interests.

Spousal Support in Texas

In Texas, some spouses may be able to get temporary spousal maintenance while the divorce is pending. This is because income during marriage is community property. The higher-earning spouse may have to pay the lower-earning spouse some spousal support. In most cases, the court seeks to equalize income between the parties while the case is pending.


Post-divorce alimony or court-ordered spousal support are much more difficult to get in Texas. There are a multitude of factors that a court may consider to determine if a spouse should receive spousal support. Before a court can even consider spousal support, the parties must have been married for at least 10 years.

Post-divorce alimony is money that is paid to a former spouse as a result of an agreement between the spouses. Alimony is enforced under contract law principles. Alimony is also relatively uncommon, but there are cases where one spouse may agree to pay alimony for a limited time.

Our divorce lawyers in Bedford have the knowledge to assist you with determining the likelihood of receiving post-divorce spousal support.

What is the 10 Year Rule in Divorce in Texas?

The 10-year rule in divorce in Texas refers to the fact that if a marriage has lasted for at least ten years, the court may order spousal maintenance to a spouse with insufficient property or earning ability to provide for their own minimum reasonable needs. 

This contrasts marriages that have lasted less than ten years, in which the court may only order spousal maintenance for a maximum of 5 years. 

There are a few exceptions to the 10-year rule. For example, the court may still order spousal maintenance for a marriage that has lasted less than ten years if the spouse seeking maintenance is disabled or if the other spouse has committed family violence. 

The 10-year rule is based on the idea that couples who have been married for more extended periods have a greater financial interdependence and that the spouse who is seeking maintenance may have made sacrifices in their career or education during the marriage that have made it difficult for them to become self-supporting after the divorce. 

If you are considering seeking spousal maintenance after a divorce, you must speak with our Bedford attorney to discuss your circumstances.

What is a Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in Texas?

In Texas, wives have the same rights as husbands in a divorce. Usually, a spouse shares marital assets, meaning a fair and just division that isn't necessarily a strict 50/50 split. Factors like income, age, and contributions to the marriage are considered.

Property Division in Texas

Texas courts must divide community property in a just and right manner. Property possessed by either spouse during the marriage is presumed to be community property. Some spouses are concerned that their spouse will take everything. Rest assured this scenario is very uncommon in Texas. An experienced divorce attorney will help you understand the likely outcome of your property division case. It helps to have a divorce attorney on your side who is compassionate and understands your needs as a client.

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